Fleet Managers Increasingly Opt for DEF Supply and Management Programs

Managing a large fleet is never easy, particularly given the many rules and regulations that must now be observed. Many fleet managers today spend far too much time keeping up with the latest regulatory developments and requirements, so any way of avoiding such losses will almost always be welcome.

In quite a few cases, for example, the provision of high quality, pure diesel exhaust fluid ends up becoming a source of excessive investment and inefficiency. Working with a company like PEAKHD can do away with such problems at a single stroke, allowing a fleet manager to focus on other, more appropriate matters.

A Crucial Supply That is Also Difficult to Manage

For a number of years now, many commercial trucks have been required to use diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, to help keep their environmental impact to a minimum. While modern diesel combustion engines are fairly green in general, they can contribute to localized air quality problems if effective precautions are not employed.

Unfortunately, DEF is a finicky substance that is susceptible to deterioration and contamination if not handled carefully and appropriately at all times. That leaves many fleet managers today struggling to obtain supplies of this consumable substance and to keep them in good shape until they are actually added to the vehicles they are meant for.

This additional duty is one so specialized and demanding that it can start to seem like a full-time job in its own right. Given how many other responsibilities the average fleet manager has to keep up with, it should be easy to understand why so many would prefer to have another option.


Fortunately, there are solutions that are ready for use by just about any fleet manager today. The BlueDEF service, for example, provides access to a comprehensive DEF supply and management system that will serve almost any fleet’s needs perfectly.

Fleet managers who switch to this service can count on having all the access to pure, top quality DEF that their vehicles require at all times. Instead of needing to establish and oversee detailed, rigorous processes for the management and supply of DEF, these hardworking professionals can focus on duties that will do a better job of maximizing the utility of their talents.

As a result, more and more fleet managers are coming on board with services like this one. Instead of struggling to keep tabs on DEF, those who do so can rely with confidence on experts who are very well positioned to handle all the associated details.


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